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Whilst we prepare for our upcoming venture--our first feature "Home"--please enjoy this little bit of nasty horror, which we premiered in 2011. A perfect little treat for the upcoming holiday.

Open Fields from Matt Carlin on Vimeo.

Shot on the Red One for a little over a grand, "open fields" was a great experience in which we were able to gather over three days and make something quite creepy. Now, we aim to do much more than that. After years of research, writing, and planning, we are ready to embark on our first ever feature film. PRE-PRODUCTION -------NOW RAISING FUNDS FOR DDP FEATURE FILM "HOME"





Home, DDP's first feature film has received Fiscal Sponsorship from The Film Collaborative.  


  What will it be? Enjoy this mock trailer:

Home3-21 trailer from Matt Carlin on Vimeo.

INFORMATION: A Mock Trailer is a marketing tool, utilizing clips from other features in order to present the feel and marketability of a film. Special thanks to Rian Johnson, director of "Looper," for providing the inspiration.

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