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THE LONG WAY gets its debut screening at the 8th NYCIFF! If you are in the area--come out! https://www.nycindieff.com/film/the-long-way

The Long Way Trailer from Matt Carlin on Vimeo.

home poster The highly anticipated (by us anyway) feature debut from DDP films is getting a lot of heat. It has been featured in MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE and is currently seeking grants and fundraising.
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Matt Carlin, a graduate of The University of Hartford, produced his first feature, Standoff: Gunner vs. Jason in 2005 on a budget of $131.00. In addition to writing, directing, producing, and editing, he also had a supporting role in the film. Walkaways- which he also wrote, directed, edited and produced- has been a long in-the-works project for him that he is glad is finally complete. In addition, he helmed the short horror piece, Act of Murder, which made its public debut at the Southern New England Independent Film Festival. He is currently in the pre-production phase of his next feature length project "Lovers and Losers" of which he is both writer and director. Matt is the founder of Dark Dimensions Productions.


Dark Dimensions Productions is the newest wave in cinematic entertainment. Founded by Matt Carln, DDP is a fully functioning movie production company with a dedication to quality and a respect for its audience far too lacking in modern entertainment. Currently based in the newly booming filmscape of the East Coast, DDP hopes to prove itself a force to be reckoned with its 2010 short open fields. DDP is set to shoot a feature in 2012.