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THE LONG WAY gets its debut screening at the 8th NYCIFF! If you are in the area--come out! https://www.nycindieff.com/film/the-long-way

The Long Way Trailer from Matt Carlin on Vimeo.

home poster The highly anticipated (by us anyway) feature debut from DDP films is getting a lot of heat. It has been featured in MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE and is currently seeking grants and fundraising.
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Lovers and Losers is a dark comedy about a group of lifelong friends gathering to celebrate their first casualty: Ryan's engagement party.  They have their own problems on their minds, however, and as the night unfolds, secrets are revealed and relationships are tested. It soon turns out that things aren't what they first seemed and it's not that easy to tell the lovers from the losers. So grab a drink, kick back, and relax: It may be the engagement party from Hell, but it's one hell of a party.

Currently in preproduction.

Writer & Director- Matt Carlin

Producers- Matt Carlin and Jeremy Fiske 

Auditions were held at the University of Hartford on May 9th 2009. 

Auditions in the New York and Boston areas will be held in the summer.  Dates and locations TBA